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"El problema es que se enamoro de ella. Al principio solo fue una amiga más, pero ella no era una más, ella era tan importante en el mundo… en el pequeño mundo de el."
-La vida de un adolescente.

Percy:  He was a boy.
Rachel:  She is a girl.
Annabeth:  Can't I make it more obvious?
Hazel:  She joined the hunt.
Jason:  And he turned bad.
Tyson:  What more can we say?
Reyna:  He wanted her. She didn't tell, but secretly she wanted him as well.
Artemis:  But the girls in my hunt stuck up their noses.
Zoe:  They had a problem 'cause his name was Luuuuke.
Chiron:  He was that Kronos boy.
Mr. D:  She said see ya later boy!
Zeus:  He was too bad to be hers.
Apollo:  She had a pretty face.
Artemis:  Stop flirting with my huntress!